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About Us

Sequoia Mountain Adventures was a mountain bike shuttle company with bike rentals and a repair shop owned and operated by Shidan and Margaret Towfiq, who have over 15 years of experience mountain biking in the area and over 20 years of bicycle repair experience.Camp Nelson on California Map Sequoia Mountain Adventures was located in center of Camp Nelson, CA off Highway 190 and Nelson Drive in the Giant Sequoia National Monument. Currently, Sequoia Mountain Adventures is closed for business, since the owners no longer live in Camp Nelson.

In the 1990s, Shidan worked in southern California at South County Cyclery for over ten years and rode with several area bike clubs, including BGR, the Laguna Rads, the Warrior's SocietySHARE and Sprocket Heads. As a freelance writer, Shidan wrote the monthly column: Local Knowledge for southern California that appeared in bike magazine and he also had articles published in bike, Bicycling, and Core Sports Magazines and the LA Times. In February 1998, Shidan even made the cover of bike magazine!

Margaret was introduced to mountain biking while completing her degree at Chico State and she loves the forest and the good spirit of mountain bikers. After mountain biking all over southern California and in other western states, we identified Camp Nelson as a dream location to live and ride, primarily due to the amazing trails, like Bear Creek and the Camp Nelson trail.

Shidan and Margaret Towfiq sharing a kiss on the trail

In 2004, the Towfiqs made the dream a reality and moved to Camp Nelson from south Orange County. Since then, the Towfiqs have become known for their hospitality with mountain bike friends and had dreamed of having a bicycle-friendly business, so others could experience the trails that attracted them to this beautiful, hidden gem in the southern Sierra.

In 2008-2009, Shidan and Margaret attended monthly meetings and weekend trips with the Sequoia Monument Recreation Council and members of the Forest Service, to provide input on the Giant Sequoia National Monument Management Plan, providing a voice for mountain bikers, snowmobilers and property owners.

In 2011, Sequoia Mountain Adventures was created shuttles for Camp Nelson trail, Bear Creek trail, Freeman Creek trail, Needles trail and Summit Trail from the Jordan Peak area.

In 2012, Sequoia Mountain Adventures moved into our new location in the center of Camp Nelson and in 2013 we're opening a small repair shop and will offer rental bikes for the enthusiast of for the family.

In the fall of 2014, Shidan accepted an opportunity to live and work in Silicon Valley, therefore, we decided to close, since we no longer live in Camp Nelson.

We are also dedicated to keeping the trails open and free from debris to keep it fun for all users. We have completed the Forest Service chainsaw training and organize trail work days, typically in late spring or early summer.

Shidan and Margaret Towfiq at chainsaw certification
Margaret and Shidan Towfiq, with Dave Ernst, Forest Service 
Fuels Batalion Chief, our chainsaw class instructor

The area is also great for mountain-stage-like road cycling on the steep and windy highway 190 and the Southern Sierra Cyclists Bike Club will periodically ride in our area and can provide you with more road bike information in the Central Valley between Bakersfield and Fresno. Check their site, join the club and attend the monthly meeting the first Wednesday of each month in Exeter, CA.