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Freeman Creek Trail

Freeman Trail Rider turning near Giant Sequoia

Trail Overview

The Freeman Creek trail is ridden as an out-and-back , typically as a bonus ride with a shuttle, descending and climbing approximately 1,400' in seven miles with a moderately steep, consistent climb. The trail is not as technical as Nelson, but it has a lot of water bars and was recently renovated.

Typical ride time with shuttle: 2.5 to 4+ hours

Trail Description

The Freeman Creek trail is frequently added to a Nelson shuttle as a crossy-country out-and-back, starting just above Quaking Aspen Campground on the North Road to Jordan Peak and descending to the George Bush Sequoia Tree. The top of the trail begins with a re-route extension, crosses a new bridge and then rolls up-and-down through a sequoia grove and along a meadow. There are some rocky, technical sections, but the trail is predominantly smooth with lots of turns and a waterbar around every corner.
After crossing the third new bridge, the trail ends at the George Bush tree. This location is a good resting and refueling spot before turning around and pedaling back up the trail. When combined with a Nelson shuttle, this is a two-down, for one-up delight!

Freeman Out-And-Back Segment

Freeman Downhill Segment

An owl on Freeman Trail

Woodsy the owl hanging out at the top of Freeman Trail

Shidan riding on Freeman Trail

Shidan riding on Freeman Trail