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Needles Lookout Trail

Needles Look Out

Trail Overview

Unfortunately, the Needles lookout tower burned in 2011, after 75 years in place. The trail to the Needles is still open, but the main attraction of the lookout is no longer available. See photos of the lookout burning down and the press release from the Forest Service on ourĀ facebook album.

Feb 2014: There are currently plans to rebuild the historical lookout.

Trail Description

Typically, the Needles out-and-back is added to a ride for guys who like to cover a lot of miles on different trails. Alternately, for campers in Quaking Aspen, it can be an intermediate out-and-back trail. The ride starts with a dirt road climb and turns into a singletrack climb at the parking lot of the trailhead. After topping out with a view of the base of the Needles, riders either drop down and climb up to the Needles to explore the rocks, or turn around and ride back to Quaking Aspen, or connect into Nelson trail or to Freeman as an out-and-back before finishing with Nelson trail.